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What our Clients
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"Tauranga Canvas has been using Solcor shock cord in various sizes for many years in the manufacture of covers for the transport industry. We are finding that we are using this product more and more as our clients are asking for it instead of the more traditional non solid variety. Solcor shock cord has a higher specification and lasts longer than the traditional therefore the slightly higher cost balances this out. Tauranga Canvas also uses the Solcor hooks and Solcor connectors in the manufacture of stockcrate covers."

Andrew McCall | Tauranga Canvas


"We would confirm we have been using in our manufacture operation 8mm Solcor and associated fittings supplied by Loring Distributors. We have found it performs better than the standard stranded shock cord and fully justifies the increased price. The major advantage is, if the sheath is worn away, being solid rubber it will still fulfil its role. Whereas the stranded product, no sheath means no cord. Our experience would cover the last 10 years and we would confidently endorse the product."

Mike S Currie | StraitLine Canvas


"We have bought our Solcor shockcord from Loring for some years now. We have been very pleased with both the quality of the product and their service over this time.
We use the shockcord for a variety of purposes and our customers have never experienced any problems with it. It has proved very durable."

Michael Madden | Cairnscorp