Solcor Fence Defender

Solcor Fence Defender System restrains your fence as the irrigator travels over it

The Solcor Fence Defender is a fortuitous mix of Loring Industries design expertise and on-farm irrigation needs.

A 400 ha lamb and beef finishing unit near Aylesbury in the Selwyn District is using large scale irrigation with 4 Pivots and 300 crossovers. As with most pivots, where the tower crosses the fence there is immense pressure applied to the wire strands, especially where the tower crosses on an angle.

After having ongoing issues with the fence wire breaking they began trialling the Solcor Fence Defender system, performing the trial on fences where the problems were the worst. Experience now shows the Solcor product to be much superior to their previous setup.

Installation is easy and is performed without having to dismantle or cut strands in existing fences. The mechanism is designed to fit the three diameters of wire available and incorporates a clamping device to attach to both the fence wire and the high specification Solcor Solid Core Wire Fence Cord. This absorbs the stretch and retraction from the wire as the tower wheel passes over each strand.

With two years of trials and improvements the market response and feedback has been most encouraging, proving the Solcor Fence Defender to be a complete and effective solution. 

Solcor’s Fence Defender Kit has no steel parts to cause damage to your fence and is specially developed for UV and longevity!


Solcor Fence Defender