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Adjustable Extender - SCAE
Joins shock cord and creates fixed and running loops

Adjustable Extender Install

  1. Slide fitting over whip end and Solcor cord to the desired position.
  2. Sharply tug free end at right angles down into tapered slot. The Solcor cord is now fixed firmly to length.
  3. To move fitting to new position, simply straighten the cord and pull out of the slot. Reposition fitting and jam the Solcor cord again.


Whipping Ends SW9
Helps minimise the fraying of Shock Cord and nylon ropes

Whipping Ends Install

  1. Slide Whipping End over end of cord/rope
  2. Ensure 4-5mm overhang when applying heat

Solcor Whipping - 9.5mm dia.
Shrink ratio - 2:1 (9.5mm : 4.75mm)
Shrink Temperature - 90 deg C


Ezy Adjusta Cord© SCAB
Used to secure items.
Can be adjusted to any length between 10-90cm (100-900mm). 

Ezy Adjusta Cord Install


Fence Defender Kit - SCPC
To restrain your fence as the irrigator travels over it.

Fence Defender Install

  1. Position one peg 500mm from centre of wheel rut along fence line. Hammer peg into the ground, leaving half an inch of full length, to enable cord to be attached.
  2. Attach bungy loop to peg and pull to tighten.
  3. Hammer peg the remainder of the way into the ground.
  4. Rotate wire clip and slide over bungy cord.
  5. Place clip over wire and screw together so the clip clamps wire and bungy cord.
  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 on each strand. 
  7. Position the second peg 500mm from centre of wheel rut along fence line, noting that the total width will be one meter. Repeat steps 2 – 6.

Adjustable Hook - SCAH
Allows quick & easy cord adjustment

Adjustable Hook Install

  1. Thread the cord through the Connector.
  2. Pull a loop up through the slot in the top.
  3. Insert the Jamming Block and pull the cord while pressing down with your thumb.
  4. The cord is now set.


Connector - SCAC
Joins shock cord and creates fixed and running loops

Connector Install

Creating a fixed loop -
Thread the cord right through fitting, until
enough is available to make desired loop.
Insert end in adjacent tube and fix in place
with the Jamming Block.

To make Running Loop or Noose -
Fix only the end and leave out the Jamming
Block in the return. The loop is now free to run.

Joining 2 Solcor Cords -
Thread the cord through the connector. Pull
a loop up through the slot in the top. 

Insert the Jamming Block and pull the cord
while pressing down with your thumb. The
cord is now set.


Adjustable Anchor - SCAA
Easily fastens shock cord to a fixed point.
Secures objects with eyelets eg: tarpaulins.


Crimping Sleeve - SCBC

  1. Using sharp side cutters, trim the end of the cord.
  2. Insert cord into the crimping sleeve.
  3. Crimp firmly.

Crimping Sleeve Install