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Solcor's reputation for durability, reliability and innovation makes it the choice of quality

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  • Solcor's Shock Cord and bungee cord range is manufactured from a specially formulated solid rubber
    cord with UV treated polyester covering.

  • Solcor Shock Cord is manufactured to a much higher specification than most traditional shock cords.

  • Solcor fittings and accessories are manufactured from UV resistant Nylon 6/6 for durability.

  • Ideal for Industrial, Marine, Automotive, Outdoor and Domestic use.
  • Testing the maximum manual stretch of Solcor's cords reveal that 1 metre of 4mm shock cord stretches to 1.7 metres, 6mm to 2 metres and 8mm to 1.85 metres. 1 metre of Solcor's wire braided cord will stretch to 1.75 metres.


Solcor Products can be purchased in Australia and New Zealand from:

  • Bunnings Australasia

  • Clark Rubber (Australia)

  • CRT (New Zealand)

  • Para Rubber (New Zealand)

  • Robertson Engineering Wellington (New Zealand)

  • Most Major Marine Chandlery Stores

We are continually looking to expand our distribution network. If you have an interest in retail, DIY, Marine Products, Marine Canvas Makers etc, please contact us for more details.



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